WITS is a non-profit organization that focuses on educating others. We have a one-on-one coach that can help you and your family get on the right track regarding anything within the realm of a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Most of the focus is on food and how food can change your body and your health.


To inspire others to change for the betterment of earth and mankind by bringing awareness, education, and transformation on how we eat, live, and raise future generations to live healthier lifestyles while minimizing our impact on our planet and wildlife.


Wits seeks to connect people with the healthier and happier version of themselves all while reconnecting with planet Earth for a better future for generations to come.

2018 Re-Cap:

Educating Our Community – Gardening, Tree Planting, #GetOutside and W.I.T.S. Health.
Tree Planting – 

We hosted over 5 events specific to education on how to properly plant and care for trees in our native environment here in South East Michigan.  We additionally planted over 100 trees in the community and plan to increase that number in 2019.

W.I.T.S. Health (Healthy Eating) – 

We hosted over 10 workshop and educational events in near by communities.  Focusing on subjects such as “Sugar”, Healthy cooking 101, and “Vegan Recipes” just to share a few.  This program not only supports local public sectors of schools and chambers of commerce, but also assisting the private sector of individualizes seeking one on one coaching and guidance along with corporate retreats.  Impacting over 200 individuals this program is one of our staples and most passionate programs thanks to the work and expertise of Tatiana Pushman.

The Get Outside Movement (#GetOutside) – 

This program really focused on getting into our educational systems and helping promote the outdoors and getting our kids and young adults back into nature.  Working with multiple public education systems including Livonia Public Schools the Get Outside movement was able to provide 3 different events helping educate and activating kids to get back into nature through Hiking, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, and learning.  One specific grant was to help fund a classroom workplace in the courtyard of Frost Middle School (Livonia) that allows teachers to hold classes in this outdoor space and help the kids re-connect with the outdoors while still learning during class.

Gardening & Gardening 101 – 

Camp T Garden Flourishes

Cucumbers, tomatoes and beans, oh my! The Camp T Family weekend in May was very productive. The garden beds were weeded, dirt turned over and planted with a variety of vegetables and herbs. It was dirty work, but someone had to do it!

Campers, volunteers and staff attending the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) camp in early July weeded, watered and dead-headed the garden beds. The garden is now producing an abundance of vegetables and herbs. Sweet cherry tomatoes, vine ripe slicing cucumbers and delicious green beans have been growing like crazy!

Thanks again to WITS, Whatever It Takes Sanctuary from Brighton, MI for donating the plants, seeds and mulch for the garden beds. The president and vice president were so pleased to see the pictures and got rewarded with some of the bounty. Yum!

MSD Gardening a Success

Students at the Michigan School for the Deaf (MSD) in Flint, Michigan planted an organic garden last spring. The garden flourished and the students learned so much about gardening. It’s really amazing to watch a seed grow into a seedling and then into an eatable vegetable. What an incredible experience to visualize it all happening. It is also very rewarding when you have participated from the very beginning.

The students were most appreciative to WITS who donated the topsoil and mulch for the garden. We have plans to help this spring and continue the learning experiences. Good job students!

2019 Initiatives:

  • W.I.T.S. Health – Educating our community and community members through workshops, individualized coaching, blogs, and articles.  The staple to this program is Tatiana Pushman (Certified Holistic Health Coach).  We are also working with local schools and chambers to spread the word and education of how to eat, cook, and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • The #Getoutside Movement – Creating opportunities and events to promote and get kids, families, and all walks of life active and back into nature.  We believe spending time outside and staying active are key elements of a healthy lifestyle and help remind us the importance of our natural landscapes and our responsibilities to upkeep and protect wildlife and natural landscapes.
  • Urban Gardening & Gardening 101 – Educating and providing opportunities for our communities and children to learn how to garden is a main initiative this year.  We work with chambers of commerce, schools, and special needs children and groups to help create community and private gardens to help teach and promote this wonderful skill of life.  Not too mention a great way to bring a community together!
  • Tree Planting Initiatives – Our goal is to plant over 500 trees this year in parks and surrounding communities.  Help us exceed this goal and get involved today by subscribing to our newsletter and supporting us financially by planting a tree every month for only $7.99.  Reach out with any questions or opportunities to help in this effort.

Community Sponsors & Partners:


Bass Pro Shops

Michigan Arbor Day Alliance

Sierra Club (Crossroads Group)

Livingston Land Conservancy

Howell Nature Center

Hartland Audubon Nature Club

Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce – Environmental Council

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