Our immune system is the core to our health and well being. Without a strong immune system, we become susceptible to the constant wave of viruses, bacteria and infections. Back in the day, our ancestors were able to boost their immunity by simply eating more nutrient dense foods that came straight from the earth. There was more small farming, soils were rich in minerals, toxicity in the world was lower, etc. Our grandparents use to go straight to the garden and pick those vibrant fruits and vegetables. Minimal washing, if any, was done which left a little dirt on them. Have you ever heard “a little dirt never hurt anyone?” Well that’s because back then the dirt would be a host for minerals and microbes that would then be ingested and serve a powerful purpose for our gut and immune system .

Unfortunately, this is not the same story now-a-days. We receive most of our produce from the local market whether it be Wal-Mart, Kroger, Publix. This means the fruits and veggies came from large scale agriculture production, soil is most likely depleted, long transportation occurs and shelf-life also begins to tick. All of these added sum up to our fruits and veggies not having high-density nutrients within them. If you don’t believe this, buy yourself a Brix meter which test the nutrient density in your foods.

We are not living in the same world our grandparents or even parents lived in. Therefore, we most educate ourselves, and search for ways to receive more nutrient-dense foods into our daily lives. This begins with organic plant-based foods. Supporting your local farmer at the farmer’s market is a great way to get higher quality fruits, veggies and meats into your diet. Buying organic is also crucial if you can spare the extra change each time you purchase your meats and produce. This eliminates all the toxins, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, steroids, estrogen, and bovine growth factors that can come with your non-organic meat, cheese and produce. Adding in a plant-based supplement into your daily regiment will also fill in the gaps that your foods cannot fulfill anymore. Remember, not all supplements are created equally, so do your research. Check out my last post for a list of great plant-based supplements.

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