We all know that most Americans are living in a constant state of stress. Many of us don’t even know that herbs can help our bodies fight the cortisol that is released from stress. There are some useful plants out there that can help us deal with this. These are called adaptogenic herbs. But first what is an adaptogen? It is something that certain herbs have that increases your body’s ability to adapt and handle stress. These herbs help allow your body find balance as a whole instead of just focusing on one particular area like you’re heart or liver. It allows the body find homeostasis because of the whole body approach the herbs are able to achieve.

These are some of the adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms you can use daily to help your body deal with the daily stress life can throw at you.

Ginseng– the most popular of the group that promotes calmness and also aids with memory.

Holy Basil (Tulsi)– Ayurvedic medicine use this for stress because of the three anti-stress phytochemical compounds.

Ashwaganda– considered the Indian ginseng also has a great combating effect on cortisol (stress hormone).

Licorice– protects the thymus from being affected by cortisol.

Cordycep mushrooms (reishi, chaga and lions mane)– these medicinal mushrooms not only have adaptogens but are some of the most powerful foods you can incorporate to increase immunity, antioxidants, cancer fighting cells and much more. You can get them in tea bags which usually activate these compounds more due to the warm/hot water, powder for smoothies and now they even make coffee with these mushrooms in them.

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